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Configurable Book Scanner | e-Scan

The eScan Open System is the first fully configurable book scanner designed to fill the specific needs of libraries, archives, service bureaus, and digitization departments around the world. From public access to full production scanning, the eScan software and hardware can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user.

This is why today, the eScan Open System is the most powerful and easy to use self-service station that will help libraries and their patrons have a user friendly experience when scanning books and documents.

The eScan can also be configured to be a full back house production scanner that captures high-quality archival images of books and materials. The i2s designed camera was specifically aimed to out perform poor quality images typically associated with public access scanners.

i2s has used their 35 years of experience in imaging and processing to develop the first fully customizable planetary scanner with both production and public access applications. Contact us today for more information and pricing. 

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 Public Access User Interface

  • Multi-touch interface
  • Automatic document detection and cropping
  • Live saving
  • Multiple image outputs at the same time
  • Multiple scan triggers

 Production Environment User Interface

  • Multiple frames management
  • ICC color management
  • Thumbnails to delete/add/insert images
  • Metadata tagging, METS outputs
  • Multiple scan triggers
  1. eScan multiple configurations
  2. eScan Base Model
  3. Table Top eScan
  4. eScan modules
  5. eScan production working station
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The eScan Open System is the first fully configurable scanning solution on the market. Both the hardware and software are specifically designed by i2s to make a more ergonomic and easy to use scanner to be used in a wide variety of scanning environments. With an array of accessories and options, the customer can make a completely customized scanner for their specific digitization needs.

Features & Specifications

  • eScan Open System Book Scanner
  • i2s developed area sensor camera
  • No mechanical shutter for long camera life
  • Real time camera preview
  • 22'' x 15.7'' scanning surface
  • True Optical 400 x 400 dpi capture
  • LED lighting controlled by the software
  • Book cradle option for books up to 6 inches
  • Table top and kiosk options to be placed in the most convenient location
  • Optional scan glass to provide flat images
  • Under 1 second scan time
  • Option of a 'self-service' or 'production' software interface
  • ICC color management capabilities (production)
  • Multiple Scan triggers
  • Auto focus
  • Auto Cropping: Book/Documents can automatically be detected and cropped
  • Page Detection: Automatically detects and splits separate pages into two images
  • 1.95'' depth of field
  • Easy connection with library software via TWAIN drivers and documented drivers
  • Connects to printers, card readers, payment systems, and barcode readers
  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal
  • Fully Automatic settings: Format, resolution, focus, exposure time, lighting correction
  • Intuitive software design
  • Output Destinations: email, USB,printers, cloud, network, LIMB gallery, archiving platforms, and social networks
  • Windows 7 Platform
  • 1 Year Depot Warranty
  • FADGI Compliant
  • Low energy consumption for green environment (H)

i2s eScan Open System Camera