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NextScan FlexScan Scanner | A Versatile Microfilm & Microfiche Scanner

The NextScan FlexScan is the perfect scanner for digitization departments and service bureaus that need to scan a wide variety of microform while still maintaining production speeds. The easily interchangeable modules allow the user to convert microfilm, microfiche, COM, and aperture cards into a digital format. 

The FlexScan comes included with everything you need to scan your materials. With the purchase of a FlexScan, you will receive the scanner, PC, high resolution lens, automatic film carrier, NextStar software, on-site training, and support. You have the option to purchase a roll film module and/or fiche module.

Also offered with this solution are optional expanded digital storage (RSD) and an automatic fiche loader that allows the operator to scan fiche while the scanner is unattended.

The FlexScan product line comes in three base models: 

  • FlexScan 100
  • FlexScan 200
  • FlexScan 400

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  1. nextScan FlexScan
Features & Benefits
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·        Uses a high-resolution camera

·        Scans 35mm and 16mm roll film

·        Scan various types of fiche including COM and aperture cards

·        Captures microfiche at speeds up to 190 ppm

·        Captures roll film at speeds up to 400 ppm

·        Patented LuminTec Stroboscopic illumination system produces higher quality images

·        Scans various-sized documents and both image orientations

·        Single fiche scanning or optional auto-loader for unattended scanning

·        Has the unique Ribbon Scanning software that captures all images

·        Can scan and effectively capture high density images

·        Title bar capture capabilities

·        NextStar allows user definable index methodologies

·        Simultaneous capture and output to maximize throughput

·        Is designed specifically for a production environment

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