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QUARTZ A0 HD LED Scanner | Digital Imaging Solutions and Software from IImage Retrieval

High Resolution Scanner for Large Format and Rare Works

i2s offers you a complete range of scanners that fulfill all of your digitization needs, no matter how strict the handling requirements for your most fragile documents (i.e. ancient books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers). The most versatile and powerful scanner in our DigiBook range, the QUARTZ A0 HD LED, is dedicated to digitizing large format and bound documents in either color or grayscale.

This scanner possesses exceptional image quality and is capable of digitizing A0 and E sized materials up to 36” (h) x 53” (w) at 600ppi. With the DigiBook QUARTZ A0 HD, your productivity will increase tremendously. The new camera is completely automatic and motorized.

The DigiBook QUARTZ A0 HD is fully compliant with Metamorfoze and FADGI guidelines. These international specifications are considered to be techinical criteria and tolerances for imaging preservations. 

In speed, versatility, and image quality, the QUARTZ A0 HD LED is unrivaled!

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Features & Specifications
  • High resolution line scan camera
  • 200-1000 ppi true optical resolutions
  • 36'' x 53'' (A0) scanning surface
  • Bi-Directional Scanning
  • Multiple Formats: TIFF (Uncompressed), TIFF (LZW), PNG, JPG, DNG
  • YooScan Application Software
  • Production level PC included
  • Long life LED lighting
  • No UV and IR emissions
  • Relief enhancement features
  • Optional Vacuum Table
  • Durable with long life expectancy 
  • Image Enhancement & Compression performed while scanning
  • Operator comfort with new ergonomic design
  • Fine Resolution setting due to manual camera height adjustment
  • Real time lighting correction
  • Fast large format scanning
  • Optional 120° book holder for fragile bound works
  • 42-Bit color digitization & 24-Bit Output (16 million colors)
  • Optional self balancing book cradle with pressure sensitive scan glass
  • 20cm (A1 scan surface) & 40 cm (A0 scan surface) self balancing book cradles
  • 353 lbs

The QUARTZ A0 HD LED comes complete with the camera, PC, software, and motor. Optional 25cm or 40cm book cradles to support the material. 

  • 50 cm book cradle
  • Automatic A1 Scan Glass Plate for BC 50
  • Removable A1 Scan Glass Plate
  • Removable A0 Scan Glass Plate
  • A0 Vacuum Table
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