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Large Document Scanning Services

DigiBook QUARTZ Book Scanner

IImage Retrieval is happy to offer large format scanning using some of the most technically advanced equipment on the market. Our production offices are equipped with multiple large format planetary scanners to safely scan materials, both fragile and firm. Unlike many other service bureaus, IIRI does not use scan systems that utilizes "rollers" to feed the materials.

The i2S DigiBook SupraScan is able to scan materials as large as 24'' x 36''. The materials are placed on a large flat table if they are flat or a self balancing book cradle if they are bound. Any bound materials over 17'' x 24'' will be considered large format and will be scanned using the DigiBook. The linear array scan head will scan over the material without touching or applying any pressure to the material.

Pages Price/Page
1 to 50 $10
50 to 100 $8
101 to 200 $6
All materials are scanned at 300 dpi with the choice of JPEG/50 or TIFF-G4 output. For raw output, add $3/page
*Materials must fit on 25''x36'' surface

How It Works: 

IImage Retrieval has made an easy flat rate Pricing Chart for large format materials that are able to fit on a 24'' x 36'' surface. We ask that you fill out the order request form based on the specifications for your project and mail in the material. You pay for the shipping to us and we will ship it back to you free of charge!

Images can be delivered through a variety of methods. The most popular method is by an external hard drive with its' size and price depending on the size of the project. We also offer DVD, FTP site, and BluRay disc delivery.

It is important to remember that these prices are for materials that do not require special handling due to the fragility of the materials. Excessive fragility is defined by a scanner operator spending an extended amount of time opening and turning the pages.

We are able to handle materials of any size, fragility, material, and format but would need to price accordingly. Please feel free to call us at (972) 492-0930 with any questions on our services and pricing.

Scanning Options:

  • Color Depth: 24-bit full color (36-bit “Deep Color” TIFFs available for special projects), grayscale, or bitonal (black and white)
  • Resolution: 200-400 dpi (true optical) depending on the size of the material
  • Image Types: TIFF (black and white, grayscale, or full-color, Group IV, uncompressed or LZW, single- or multipage), JPEG, searchable / image-only PDF, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, and all other standard image formats
  • OCR searchable file output
  • Image compression derivatives for smallest file size 

Geometric Curve Correction 

IImage Retrieval also offers a post processing tool to help restore the original geometrical shape of the work. Particularly for books with a deep gutter, IIRI uses curvature correction software to minimize or remove the curve and distortion found in images taken of book pages. IIRI will produce perfectly rectangular images with long flat text lines.