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Post Processing Services

IImage Retrieval uses a variety of professional grade software to output images according to the specifications of our customers. We understand that each project requires a different level of output and IIRI is happy to discuss different post processing options. Whether we are scanning your materials or you already have scanned images, IImage Retrieval can make them better.

Geometric (Curvature) Correction

When bound materials are scanned, images will often have a large or small curvature that goes into the spine. Often times, this will distort the text and pictures on the pages. Even when steps are taken such as a scan glass to flatten the pages, a curvature can still be seen. IImage Retrieval uses i2S Book Restorer Software to geometrically restore the original shape of the pages. The end result outputs an image with rectangular images and straight text. This will often improve the searchability of the text as well. We can apply this software to scanned books as well as microfilm containing images of bound works.

Book Restorer Curvature Correction

Optical Character Recognition

It makes no sense to spend the money to have your books and materials scanned without obtaining the most important part of the images, the content. OCR software essentially searches through the images to locate alphabetic and numerical charaters and assign them accordingly. In turn, the user is now able to search the materials for a specific word or phrase and export content to differnt file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, plain text, and XML. If chosen, you will recieve a master format of your choosing and a derivative searchable PDF for all OCR materials.

PDF Compression

PDF Compression Software

By using leading edge technology from SAFER Create, we are able to produce the smallest PDF files possible without losing the quality of the image. Multi-page PDF files can amount to a large file size that is not optimal for business practices. SAFER Create can compress files to just a fraction of the original file (in some cases, as small as just 1%!) While compressing the file, SAFER is also able to perform many processes that improve the images such as smoothing rough edges, improve image contrast, and output a higher level OCR accuracy. The end result will provide you with PDF files that use less disc space and open faster.

Multi-Page Files

In many cases, more than one image makes up the complete record or file. IImage Retrieval uses software that allows us to combine multiple images into one file. For example, newspapers have multiple pages in an issue. Instead of the end user having to look through tons of individual PDF files, we are able to group the seperate page files into one multipage PDF. The files can be named based on issue or date and the end user can search through that issue for the information they needed. We can create multipage files as a PDF or TIFF and will communicate with you to determine the most effective grouping of pages. 


Often times, images that are coming off of a scanned microfilm roll will appear to be crooked and have a large black box around them. This will make the file size significantly larger and have a curved image that is harder to read and OCR. IIRI is able to use software that will detect the correct angle of the original document and rotate the image accordingly. The black background can then be cropped to give the user a near perfect end product.

Deskew Post Processing Example


By default, scaned images are named in sequential order as they come off the scanner (e.g., “0000007.jpg,” “0000008.jpg,” etc.) This method lables the images based on their order in the source book or on the source roll film. However, this may not be the right method for your collection. Quite often the images need to be indexed or named according to specific fields located in the images or predetermined naming schemes. IImage Retrieval has designed software that allows us to easily name and index files base on your project's specifications. Indexing scanned files will allow personnel to easily locate and retrieval their desired records withing a group of documents. 

IIRI prices their indexing services based on number of fields, characters, and naming convention. Depending on your specific requirements, IIRI can manually enter these values to name each image. Please contact us today to discuss your project and learn the different ways to index your collection!

Precision Cropping

Precision Cropping

Standard imaging software will detect image borders and leave a small black frame buffer so that the image does not lose any data. IIRI offer precision cropping to remove black borders completely. Using a higher level software and a human operator for quality assurance, IIRI will remove 98% of all black borders in images. In turn, this will create a smaller image with a smaller file size.