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Photostat Image Processing Services

IImage Retrieval Photostat Image Processing Service takes document images that contain both positive and negative areas and converts the negative areas to create an all-positive image. Documents like these can be found in county government archives where the original document was a photostat (negative) but a positive certification strip was placed across it.

IIRI takes the original images and performs an initial analysis, determines which in-house software tool would work best for the particular project, then processes the images. Quality Assurance is performed on all batches before delivery to insure the highest quality image for the customer. In the unlikely event a project requires some customization to obtain a better output, IIRI has the software development expertise to implement an alternative tool or write one from scratch.

IIRI can process both bitonal and grayscale images in all form factors and can output to the same image file type or a different one, if the customer desires. Images can be renamed or bundled into a multipage file format is required.

Photostat before Processing
       Photostat Image Before Processing

Photostat After Imaging
Photostat Image After Processing

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