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IIRISA- CopiBook Production Scanning Application with ILL Interface

IIRISA is a production application designed to control the i2s CopiBook from an exterior PC and speed up production output. IImage Retrieval designed this software based on the feedback and requests of current CopiBook owners. With IIRISA, users also have the ability to connect the CopiBook to Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and easily produce pristine images for ILL output.


IIRISA has been proven to cut production times and create a more pleasant scanning experience for the users. Whether the scanner is being used for ILL, mass production, or on-demand scanning, IIRISA’s easy-to-use interface will make operating the CopiBook a relaxed and efficient process.


Key Features

  • Image Delivery: IIRISA enables the user to choose between a variety of methods to deliver the images to the final recipient. The user can email the attached images, upload the images directly to an FTP site, or upload to a cloud service such as DropBox. IIRISA has an area to enter the email address of the recipient so that it can email a link to download from FTP or DropBox.
  • Full Screen Preview- The IIRISA application is divided into three main sections: Control, Thumbnails, and Preview. Before each scan, a real-time preview will show the user what will be scanned and how the image will be cropped. Adjustments to the image can be made before the scan is performed in order to eliminate downtime caused by rescans.
  • Control Panel- This is displayed at all times during scanning. The user can easily change settings between each scan without delaying or slowing down production. The control panel allows the user to change color mode, resolution, cropping, book cradle height, glass control, page capture, output destination, and image insertion.

IIRISA Scan Screen

  • Thumbnail Window- This window shows a thumbnail of scanned pages in the current order that they were scanned. Images can be moved into a new order or deleted before they are indexed and written to the output folder, If the user clicks on one of the thumbnails, the real time preview is replaced by the image in the large preview screen.
  • Preview Window- IIRISA offers a variety of page cropping options to deliver the perfect image for every scan. The user can easily switch between automatic and fixed cropping, and has the option of using a little bit of both. With the live preview, the staff can set fixed dimensions, drag sides and corners and move full crop boxes. A user may even manually define the crop by drawing a box over the previewed image using the mouse. Most importantly, the user can draw a fixed box in which the scanner will automatically detect the materials. This takes away most errors related to the automatic cropping that occurs with detection over the full scan surface.

IIRISA Preview Screen

  • File Naming-  During scan time, all files are saved to the cache so that they can be deleted, cropped, edited, or repositioned before the images are written to the output folder. The user can then define the output folder, file type, and naming structure. The images can be formatted into a multi-page file or named sequentially as individual images.


Output Naming Box