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NextScan Eclipse Scanner | A Fast and Reliable Microfilm Scanner

The NextScan Eclipse is the most powerful and efficient roll film scanner in the world.  Service bureaus and digitization departments who want to capture 16/35mm microfilm rolls with the highest quality and the fastest throughput will find that the Eclipse can best fulfill those goals.

Included with the purchase of every Eclipse scanner is a dedicated PC, a high resolution lens, NextStar PLUS Workflow Software, on-site training, and technical support.

A unique feature of the Eclipse is NextScan’s revolutionary Ribbon Scanning technique.  This process captures a full roll of microfilm in one continuous image, and another process segments that “ribbon” image into individual images.  Ribbon Scanning ensures that none of the documents on a roll are missed in the scanning process.

The Eclipse product line comes in three models with names based on the scanner’s capture speed in pages per minute:

Eclipse 400

Eclipse 600

Eclipse 1000

  1. Eclipse 1
  2. Eclipse 2
  3. Eclipse 3
Features & Benefits
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·        Uses a high-resolution camera

·        Scans both 35mm and 16mm roll film

·        Has multiple output formats

·        Has speeds up to 1000 ppm

·        Captures up to 3 levels of blips

·        Enhances signatures and handwritten data on filmed images

·        Scans various-sized documents and both image orientations

·        Uses a patented LuminTec illumination system

·        Has the unique Ribbon Scanning software that captures all images

·        Has a patented film transport that eliminates image distortion due to vibrations

·        Can handle 1000-inch reels and blipped film

·        Has a choice of either internal or external expanded digital storage

·        Has an optional Ribbon Storage Device (RSD) for the highest throughput and functionality

·        Is designed specifically for a production environment

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