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QUARTZ A1 V Scanner | Large Format Book Scanner from IImage Retrieval

The SupraScan™ Quartz A1 V is the most versatile scanner on the market allowing users to capture A1 size items on either its flat table surface or self balancing book cradle. For bound items, the user can capture using the 180° self balancing book cradle with pressure sensitive scan glass or the book holder accessory that holds tightly bound items open from 95° to 120°.

The  Quartz A1 V comes in two models: standard which capture the full A1 surface at 400 x 400 dpi or the new HD model that can capture the full surface at 600 x 600 dpi. Both models produce exceptional images that are both FADGI and Metamorfoze compliant. 

The QUARTZ A1 V book scanner utilizes the same UV and IR free LED lights that are found on the successful QUARTZ A1 HD. These lights are specifically designed for the QUARTZ camera that eliminate any glare and have adjustable setting for relief enhancement on textured items. 

The QUARTZ A1 V can be equipped with either a 25 cm or 40 cm book cradle (25 & 40 cm refer to the thickness of the book that it can support). Both of these cradles are integrated with a large A1 scan glass that can easily be removed by one person for items to be scanned without contact. Security sensors detect intrusions that may occur between the glass plate and material so that no harmful pressure is placed on the items. 

  1. QUARTZ A1 V
  2. Book holder with glass down
  3. Book Holder
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  • High resolution line scan camera
  • Adjustable book holder (95° to 120°)
  • Automatic and motorized focus
  • 600 dpi resolutions for full scanning surface (Quartz A1 V HD)
  • 25'' x 35'' (A1) scanning surface
  • Resolutions up to 1000 dpi depending on material size
  • Pressure Sensitive Scan Glass
  • 7.9 Second A1 Scan Time at 400 dpi
  • Bi-Directional Scanning
  • Long Life LED lighting system with no UV or IR emission
  • Relief enhancement on documents and objects
  • No Glare even on highly reflective documents
  • FADGI and Metamorfoze compliant 
  • Thumbnail flow to check/delete/add/insert images
  • DigiBook Application Software
  • Automatic calibration mode
  • Production level PC included
  • No delay between scans
  • Durable (Long Lasting Product Life)
  • Lights are below operators eyes
  • Lights are only on during scan