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DigiBook SupraScan 2A0 - Large Format Book Scanner | IImage Retrieval

Color & Grayscale Scanner for Large Format Maps, Blueprints, and Paintings

The new large format SupraScan 2A0 scanner is ideal for the scanning of all types of large format material up to 70 inches x 47 inches in color or grayscale. Featuring face-up scanning, the SupraScan 2A0 ensures safe positioning while providing easy digitization of documents.

Equipped with a high resolution linear array color camera, the SupraScan 2A0 offers high resolutions (up to 600 dpi on A1 format) while delivering faithful color reproduction. The SupraScan 2A0 utilizes LED lighting to assist in the capture of the finest details of documents. The advance lighting system greatly reduces glare and enhances texture when desired. The scanner's lighting incidence angle can be adjusted by the operator to enhance relief details of documents. in an effort to improve ergonomics, the system is enhanced with motorized functions controlled remotely by the operator.

Thanks to a flat table top that slides out on rails, material can be positioned with ease. This loading ability reduces difficulty when handling large documents, and the procedure helps prevent risk of damage to the documents being digitized. The slide-out table top can accommodate material of up to 220 pounds.

The DigiBook SupraScan 2A0 is the perfect tool for the larger items in a collection. 

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Features & Specifications
  • High resolution line scan camera
  • 300-600 ppi true optical resolutions
  • Scans full 2A0 in true optical 300 ppi
  • 70'' x 47'' (A00) scanning surface
  • Bi-Directional Scanning
  • Multiple Formats: TIFF (Uncompressed), TIFF (LZW), PNG, JPG, DNG
  • DigiBook Application Software
  • Production level PC included
  • Latest lighting technology
  • Optional Vacuum Table
  • Durable (over 6 year product life)
  • Image Enhancement & Compression performed while scanning
  • Operator comfort with new ergonomic design
  • Fine Resolution setting due to manual camera height adjustment
  • Real time lighting correction
  • Fast large format scanning
  • Optional 120° book holder for fragile bound works
  • 14K RGB line scan camera
  • 42-Bit color digitization & 24-Bit Output (16 million colors)
  • 20cm & 50 cm self balancing book cradles
  • TWAIN and API Dirvers
  • High quality Rodenstock enlarging lens with motorized focus
i2S DigiBook SupraScan Large Format Scanner