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Automatic Book Scanner- DL Mini from IImage Retrieval

The DL Mini is an automatic book scanner with the highest level of automation, respecting the safety of bindings and pages. It turns and scans pages from all types of books, magazines and bound newspapers in a very reliable process.It can handle smaller books that close spontaneously with ease.

The DL Mini detects double page pickup and automatically retries to insure that that scanner is only turning one page at a time. This is truly the first automatic book scanner with little to no operator interventions. It has an auto centered book cradle with glass that ensures relaxed book placement for creating optimal page exposure. Before every new material is scanned, the DL Mini performs a test scan to auto detect book size and dimensions for precise auto control.

This is the only automatic book scanner that has correctly implemented a manual mode. If desired, the user has the ability to turn off the auto feature and scan materials such as photos, spiral bound notebooks, postcards, manuscripts, newspapers, and maps in a complete manual mode. The 180° book cradle allows for loose papers to be scanned at the same high quality without switching devices.


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Features & Specifications

  • Auto detection and adapts to parameters of the book
  • Suiteable for 24 hour- 7 day operations
  • Adjustable scan speeds for fragile books
  • Up to 1,500 pages per hour
  • 300-600 ppi True Optical Scanning
  • 2 x A3 (17'' x 24'') scanning surface (Largest for any automatic book scanner)
  • Scan books as small as A6 size
  • Scan hard and soft cover books
  • Easily manages self closing books
  • Scan glass provides perfectly flat images with every scan
  • No need to use fingers or page clamps
  • Vacuum table and page turner
  • No glare
  • ensured one page turn at a time, no missing pages
  • Suitable for recent and old books
  • Accepts books with any paper thickness, texture, and porosity
  • 5.9' x 2.6' x 4.2' Scanner Dimensions

DL Mini Automatic Book Scanner