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CopiBook OS | Book Scanner for Libraries, Archives, and Service Bureaus

 The CopiBook Open System (OS) is the latest edition to the highly successful CopiBook line offered by i2s. Backed by over 10 years of experience, the CopiBook range has taken another giant leap forward thanks to multiple innovations and technical improvements.

With image quality being at the core of i2s' priorities, they set out to develop a production scanner that is compliant with FADGI 3*, Metamorfoze Light, and ISO 19264 standard. These imaging guidelines set out strict requirements that must be met by scanners in order to be considered compliant. 

The CopiBook OS captures images at a true optical 400 dpi across the full 17.3 x 25 inches. The self balancing book cradle and A2 size scan glass let the user determine the exact amount of pressure placed on the material. The motorized cradle can also be easily removed for a flat document scan surface up to 28.3 x 20 inches.

The CopiBook OS comes standard with a 23'' full HD monitor that conveniently attaches to the neck of the scanner. The user also has the option to keep the monitor on a stand and place it to the side of the scanner. All image viewing and scanner control can be performed on this HD monitor.

The LIMB Capture software allows saving multiple frames with unique properties simultaneously. The frame properties include file format, destination, and image processing.  


  1. CopiBook OS without Cradle
    Copibook OS 5
  2. CopiBook OS with Glass Partially Open
    Copibook OS 4
  3. CopiBook OS with Glass Open
    Copibook OS 3
  4. i2s CopiBook OS A2 Book Scanner
    CopiBook OS 2
  5. i2s CopiBook OS Book Scanner
    CopiBook OS
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The CopiBook face-up book scanner is quintessential for self-service or back office applications. The system is simple enough that a customer may walk up to it and scan an entire book volume. At the same time, the CopiBook is advanced enough to make an archivist proud. Usable for scanning manuscripts, ledgers, pharmaceutical notebooks, loose leaf photographs and bound books, the CopiBook is designed to be a production level scanner and produce the highest quality images.

Features & Specifications

  • NEW: CopiBook OS
  • Compliant with FADGI 3 Star, ISO 19264, and Metamorfoze Imaging Standards
  • Motorized self balancing book cradle
  • Book Cradle can be removed for large flat scan surface (28.3 x 20 inches)
  • Non flashing and fixed LED lighting for user comfort
  • Includes production PC for image processing
  • 25 x 17.3 inch scan surface using integrated book cradle
  • 400 x 400 dpi True Optical Resolution (captures up to 600 dpi)
  • Digitize flat documents as well as bound items
  • Less than 1 second scan time at 400 dpi across A2 surface
  • 9 cm depth of field
  • Contains 2 user interfaces for either production or public access scanning
  • ICC Profiling
  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger masking)
  • Auto Calibration and Auto focus
  • Auto Cropping: Book/Documents can automatically be detected and cropped
  • Page Detection: Automatically detects and splits separate pages into two images
  • Capture Modes: 36-bit raw color output, 24-bit processed Color, 8-bit Grayscale, 1-bit BW
  • Real time color preview
  • Full array camera sensor with bayer filter
  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal
  • Fully Automatic settings: Format, resolution, focus, exposure time, lighting correction
  • Intuitive software design for easy training
  • Camera has an electronic (non-mechanical) shutter for long camera life
  • Each crop box can be configured with its own scan preferences
  • 1 Year Depot Warranty
  • 211 lbs
  • 39in (W) x 29in (D) x 54in (H)

CopiBook OS